Vision & Values

Vision & Values


The Rock Church in Walsall was officially opened in December 2006 after over a year of preparation. Ian Evans heard God specifically call him in the summer of 2005 to start pastoring a new church on the Beechdale Estate in Walsall, and it was to be called The Rock Church.

A specific building that God spoke to Ian about, resulted in its purchase at the start of 2006 its renovating throughout that year. During 2007 various community activities and acts of kindness impacted the Beechdale Estate, and by March 2008 the Rock Church also met in the Showcase Cinema as a second location, to serve the wider vision.

From 2008 to 2010, the Rock Church saw more numerical growth and the ability to develop further areas of Church life. These included purchasing a double-decker bus for community outreach, running Alpha, holding ‘camps’ in a marquee, and beginning youth work.

Sunday morning locations changed to the County Hotel in Walsall and then to an empty shop on Bridge Street, before an amazing door opened to begin occupying a huge office building in Lichfield Street, Walsall now known as the ‘Rock Centre’. This is a huge blessing for the Church to be able to minister in Walsall town and surrounding area, with larger meeting spaces, an in-house coffee shop being developed, plenty of room for local businesses to occupy and community initiatives like Food bank.

Today we?re seeing people and areas of ministry flourish, and a real sense that the best really is the best to come.