Our People

Our People

Shared Vision.

Here’s the low down on our leadership and areas of ministries here at the Rock Church:

Pastors Ian & Hannah Evans

Ian & Hannah Evans, Senior Pastors

Ian Evans alongside his wife Hannah, are the Senior Pastors of the Church. They spent several years as assistant- and youth-pastors at churches across the country, before running their own construction and property business. They now have five children: Samuel, Grace, Isaac, and twins Faith & Hope.

Andy & Lynda James

Andy & Lynda James, Leadership Team

Andy was involved in a large Christian charity for over 20 years, travelling internationally with Lynda and seeing great things for God?s kingdom first hand.

The Rock Church

Ministries, Departments, & Teams

Rock life is expressed through general areas of Ministry, which then form different Departments and in turn Teams, to help all areas of Church life flourish.