Worship Team

For those involved with the Worship Team, here are a few download documents:

1. Current List of Worship Songs - including links to YouTube videos of the best arrangements, and chords/lyrics you can follow. Plus the different keys they are best for us to play in.

2. Current Rota - showing who's on each week. Let Norbert know of any changes.

Online information for the Worship Team


  • "Myself and my family have grown spiritually in the last year"

    We started coming to the Rock Church when we first moved to Birmingham and have now moved into Walsall to be with our Church family. Thanks God for growing and blessing our whole family!

    imageRosario Bennett
  • "It's great to see something so refreshing amongst people and the youth"

    There is a real sense of God’s presence in our gatherings and worship, and it’s great to see this overflow into all kinds of people and expressions of Church life!

    imageAnthony & Laura Consiglio
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