Who We Are | Vision & Values



Our Vision 

“To build a large, vibrant regional church that touches thousands of people and lifts them to a higher level through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and renewed Biblical mind-sets”

Our Values

The principles that we aim to live by are:

A lifestyle of prayer and worship

Cultivating meaningful relationships

A grateful people with a heart of joy

Equipping and empowering people to succeed in life

Doing all things with a spirit of excellence

Integrity in all areas of life

A relevant and contemporary style

Creativity and innovative thinking people

Generosity fuelled people

Reaching beyond ourselves

Leadership – leading, being led and developing leaders

Teamwork – unifying for a shared purpose.

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  • "Myself and my family have grown spiritually in the last year"

    We started coming to the Rock Church when we first moved to Birmingham and have now moved into Walsall to be with our Church family. Thanks God for growing and blessing our whole family!

    imageRosario Bennett
  • "It's great to see something so refreshing amongst people and the youth"

    There is a real sense of God’s presence in our gatherings and worship, and it’s great to see this overflow into all kinds of people and expressions of Church life!

    imageAnthony & Laura Consiglio
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