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Business Rates Explained for the Rock Centre 

Business Rates are due by each license or tenant at the Rock Centre building, however there may be scenarios where the actual rates paid are reduced or eliminated through the follow three stages:

1.The Valuation Office Assessment

valuation office logoEach room in the Centre for different occupiers will have a separate assessment by the Valuation Office with a set Ratable value. This is approximately the ‘market rent’ or licence fee of that room, will a separate assessment for any car parking spaces used. 
Most rooms have already been assessed, although some newer ones may still need deciding, and if any rooms are being split or combined then the current assessments may need re-issuing. 
Click here to see all these listed on the Valuation Office’s website – former ‘deleted’ ones can be ignored.

2.The Walsall Council Rates Invoice

walsall council logoThe local authority will send you a rates invoice based upon the Ratable Value as provided by the Valuation Office, to begin from when you commence your occupation. The actual rates charge is usually just under half what the Ratable Value is. 
You will need to ensure that the name on the account is in the correct business or occupier’s name according to any agreement with The Rock Church. 
Walsall Council usually raise these invoices as one annual charge from April one year to March the next year, but if you liase with the council they can agree a payment plan of say monthly payments.

3.The Small Business Rates Relief (& Other Savings)

tax relief logoIf you are a small business interest and the Ratable Value of your area is below a certain level, then you can apply to Walsall Council to have your actual end-charge reduced or even removed via Small Business Rates Relief
This is a separate application you can request here, although this is after they have first charged the full rates to you as above. Any agreed reduction will then issue credit notes in order to reduce or eliminate the final costs. 
The current level is £12,000, although there can be a reduced basis from this to £15,000. So any Ratable Value below this can receive a full 100% reduction.
In terms of who is able to receive this discount, you need to ensure that the business name or company on the account does not incur any business rates in any other part of the UK, as this will dilute the effect of this relief. In these scenarios it may be worth occupying the property as a new entity in order to benefit from full rates exception. 
If you’re a registered UK charity, then you can claim a reduction of at least 80% in your business rates. In a similar way to Small Business Rates Relief, you will first received invoices for the full rates and need to separately apply to Walsall Council for this reduction. 
Please contact us to discuss any individual scenarios.  

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